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Forgotten Murders in SETX

It’s unbelievable how many murders have happened around here and people have simply forgotten about them. Some are still widely publicized. A lot of the cases I am about to mention that happened in Beaumont, Silsbee, Port Arthur, Jasper, Nederland, Evadale, Vidor, Texas are not so easily mentioned. […]

Blood and Money

Houston, Texas has had its fair share of serial killers and notorious murderers. We have the I-45 murders, The Houston Mass Murders (also known as The Candy Man,) The Ice Box Murders, and Bonnie and Clyde eventually made their way through the city. The best way to describe […]


We have been looking for information on a woman fitting this little description which isn’t much of a lead. Friends thought it might have been their friend “Roxanne.” (That’s the only name they knew her by.) They said she was a very sweet girl and she was always […]