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*THIS REVIEW HAS SPOILERS* This is the variety of creative energy that only emerges when an artist has outright control of his/her vision. Here, that artist is┬áPanos Cosmatos, roping us in for another staggering, psychedelic treat six years after his first film Beyond the Black Rainbow. Both films […]

An Introduction to Classic Horror

From silent to contemporary to experimental retrograde, it’s impractical to refute how beautiful black and white film and photography stands with its dreamlike atmosphere and tone. This is glamour cinematography. Take all the gradations of gray in between the beiges, silver, and charcoal and mask those rich images […]

Horror Comedy

This may be the only thing my friend Jason and I don’t have in common. I love comedy-horror films…even though I’ve seen enough horror films to be confused about whether it’s meant to be a serious horror film or the most hilarious piece of crap I’ve ever seen. […]

Ode to Giallo

Sometimes I wonder what the world would be like without Giallo films in our lives. I don’t want to live in that world. What would the world be like without gratuitous nudity, a knife and black gloves, a mystery killer with an absurd alibi, a witness, blind people, […]