Tag: 80s

The Hunger

This remains one of my favorite vampire films of all time. It’s stylish, gothic, eerie, and the visuals are stunning thanks to the photography of Irving Penn. Sadly, Irving passed away in 2009. This cult classic and favorite is filled with hair-raising, classical music. Some of my favorites. […]

Pink Flamingos

Just when I thought I had seen it all, Nazisploitation, Nunsploitation, Blacksploitation, midget porn, snuff, etc… I come across this infamous John Waters film that has me wishing that I had those 90 minutes back. Pink Flamingos doesn’t just take the cake, it takes the whole bakery. If […]

Savage Streets

This film takes the cake when it comes to 80s exploitation. The ingredients; Violence, high school comedy, gang war, rape, revenge, cheese ball dialogue, and a killer electronic soundtrack with an over the top power ballad. The only missing ingredient is flesh eating zombies. The clothes and hair […]