True Crime

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We Are the Weirdos, Mister

Before I introduce the girls, here’s a brief overview of what this shoot is about. We were unprepared, losing light, and the fake blood concoction was not working in my favor. You’ve seen how bright the blood comes out in my photoshoots. This one time it was just […]


*THIS REVIEW HAS SPOILERS* This is the variety of creative energy that only emerges when an artist has outright control of his/her vision. Here, that artist is┬áPanos Cosmatos, roping us in for another staggering, psychedelic treat six years after his first film Beyond the Black Rainbow. Both films […]

The Torture and Death of Sylvia Likens

There are so many cases we hear about everyday where children are tortured and murdered. In 1965, this wasn’t so common. They did have their fair share of child murders but the suspect was usually a crazed lunatic or your basic criminal who had problems with his momma. […]