We Are the Weirdos, Mister

Before I introduce the girls, here’s a brief overview of what this shoot is about. We were unprepared, losing light, and the fake blood concoction was not working in my favor. You’ve seen how bright the blood comes out in my photoshoots. This one time it was just not working out for me. We almost got arrested that night. I’m going to think long and hard before I decide to shoot with two small girls in a rural area again. The cops probably thought that we were Satanists, hooker, or on drugs. None of those true but I can tell you that those overzealous douche bags did let us go. We were sitting there for several minutes trying to explain who we were and what we were doing out there. As if all the equipment wasn’t enough.

Gina Garcia

An excerpt from her artist page, “Gina Mari Garcia creates mixed media pieces using found objects, paper manipulation, and various paints. She is a self-taught abstract artist and resident at The Art Studio, Inc.” If you follow her page you can stay up to date on all of her exibits. Gina and I have worked together before at the studio with our Moulin Rouge show that was a hit! Gina works tireless for this studio and I try to follow her around taking pictures of her creations. She turned my favorite pair of paints in a work of art. Some of the themes I used for her photos were abstract paints with paper manipulation. She wore this Midsommar like outfit and on the outside it may look like it doesn’t quite fit but it does. I wanted to go with a grungy, vampress look in some of the photos as well. So there’s a lot going on in her photos. She’s an excellent screamer.

Teddi Garcia

No relation to Gina Garcia, Teddi is an old friend of mine that I have been dying to take photographs of because she is so gorgeous. These will NOT be the last photos that I take of her. She knows she’s more than just a little misunderstood. She has trouble acting normal when she’s nervous. I make her nervous so I have never known her to be normal. 🙂 She doesn’t have a page for her art, per say, but you can catch her getting banned on Facebook left and right. For Teddi I wanted to have a more grundy appeal than Gina’s because it fits her personality and look. Lots of film wraps, papers, and scratches were used in this process and it took me forever because I have very little experience using film wrap. A heavy influence was Garbage’s Stupid Girl music video. Shirley Manson, SCHWING!

And then there’s my gorgeous ass!

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