The Lonely Hearts Killers: Martha Beck

Martha Beck is known as one of “The Lonely Hearts Killers” around 1949 for the murders of possibly around twenty women. Her partner in crime went by the name of Raymond Fernandez. Martha met Raymond thanks to the Lonely Hearts singles club. Why she actually stayed with him, is beyond me. Martha was a large woman and she was very…very..very…VERY lonely. She would of done anything for this man. Affairs like these still happen today. Raymond was fond of voodoo and black magic and even used Martha’s lock of hair for voodoo practices. Raymond became convinced that voodoo rituals would give him power over women. This didn’t strike her as odd. Martha moved in with Raymond (against his will) and he forced her to remove her two children. Thankfully for them, they were dropped off at Salvation Army and didn’t suffer at the hands of these two psychos. Raymond had already killed a woman by this time, possibly another. He wore a wig over his head due to a large, nasty scar on his head.

The two went into business together to kill and rob all the single ladies in personal ads and the lonely hearts club. Business was booming. Some seem to think that Martha had control over Raymond. This still strikes me as odd and hard to believe since Raymond was a powerful and controlling man. He even made her get rid of her kids. She was weak and lonely. Nevertheless, the authorities and other journalists out there still point the finger at her. Lets take a closer look at Martha…

As I said, many believe in this case of female-male murderers, the female in this team might have been the dominant figure in the relationship. Martha suffered from a glandular disorder, which caused her to mature so rapidly that by the age of ten she had an adults body and sexual drive. The weight problem is completely typical in most female serial killers. In her murder trial, Martha claims to of been raped when she was 13 years old. When she told her mother, she beat her and kept a close eye on her. Martha was ridiculed in school due to her weight. She had no friends but she was seemingly a very clever girl. At the age of 23, Martha graduated first in her class at nursing school in Pensacola. As she got older she slept with numerous soldiers and eventually one got her pregnant. In 1944, when she approached the father of her child about marrying her, he instead committed suicide. She must of been a very unpleasant looking woman for this gentleman to actually end his life. Nothing says ‘fuck you’ better than committing suicide I guess.

Martha met Raymond in 1947 because as a cruel joke, her employees slipped her an ad for the Lonely Hearts Club. Let me also remind you, this is a selfish woman like most female serial killers are. Not even just serial killers. Mothers who kill their children. When Martha gave her two children away to be with this man she was only thinking of herself. She was only thinking about her loneliness and her children no longer mattered. Poor dears. Martha posed as Raymond’s sister while he married these women and convinced them to draw all their money out of their bank account. These women aren’t that bright. I guess they are blinded by the loneliness. Martha would get so jealous of Raymond sleeping with these girls that she even insisted on sleeping in between them in the bed.

Their last murders were Delphine and Rainelle Downing. This story breaks my heart. Delphine entered the bedroom one night and saw Raymond without his wig. The scar disgusted Delphine. She began yelling at him and accusing him of deceiving her. Martha convinced Delphine to take some sedatives. While unconscious, the two-year old daughter Rainelle, began crying for her mother. Martha had the audacity to grab this child and choke her into silence leaving bruises on her throat. Poor little girl. Raymond shot Delphine in the head ending her life. For two days the child kept crying for her mother. Martha could no longer stand it and drowned her in a dirty bath tub. What a monster. Later that evening, Martha and Raymond went to the movies. Upon their return, police showed up at the door, having been alerted by the neighbors. This was the end of Martha and Raymond’s killing career.

Martha Beck and Raymond Fernandez were executed by electric chair at Sing Sing on March 8, 1951. Martha Beck’s last words were, “What does it matter who is to blame? My story is a love story, but only those tortured with love can understand what I mean. I was pictured as a fat, unfeeling woman….I am not unfeeling, stupid or moronic,,,,In the history of the world how many crimes have been attributed to love?” Well that’s where you’re wrong Martha. You were stupid. You were overweight. Lastly, you were unfeeling and a monster for killing all those women and that little girl. This is a woman who clearly needed to be put out of her misery and justice has been served.

A film that perfectly portrays The Lonely Hearts Killers is “The Honeymoon Killers.” They just made a new film based off the murders and they’re calling it Lonely Hearts but it’s a big Hollywood production starring Salma Hayek and John Travolta so something tells me this will be an exaggerated piece of crap with actors that are far better looking than the real killers. See The Honeymoon Killers.

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