Rock N Roll Highschool Forever

Last week’s VHS picks for Wicked Channel included Rock N Roll High School Forever and since it isn’t horror, I decided to keep my thoughts about the film on here. I am already aware that most of you think it’s pretty horrific so you might as well call it a horror film. I disagree. It really isn’t THAT bad. At least, it isn’t lousy. Say what you will about this cheese factory but it was one of the most rented VHS from my brothers and I at our local video store. Blockbusters didn’t even have a copy. It was one of those super-fantastic Mom and Pop video stores that I am always talking about. It may not be a classic like the original Rock N Roll High School with PJ Soles and The Ramones but it’s still a lot of fun and I cherish my copy. 

Due to Corey Feldman’s drug problems in the early 90s, it went straight to video without a theatrical release. Feldman takes the lead as the hottest guy in school who is the lead singer of the band The Eradicators and he dresses like Michael Jackson. His band mates are probably the coolest kids in school. Stella, the sole female, is actually a very attractive lady that gets picked on for being ‘weirder’ than the ugly popular girls with moles, Margaret and Whitney. Their boyfriends, Bob and Donovan, are a couple of pussies. Namrock, the token Asian, plays the bass. He doesn’t get as many lines as the rest of the cast but he does deliver one of the best quotes from the film, “Hey, this no my pee!” Jones, the token black guy, plays the keyboard and is skilled with computers. Then we have Mag on the drums who dates a witch and looks an awful lot like Corey Haim. Tabitha the witch is a very strange character. She always looks angry and has an eccentric appetite. She likes the fat from meat, jello, and corn dogs all mixed together. Fucking disgusting. 

There really isn’t much to the plot. Unlike the original, this film lacks substance and wit. On Rock N Roll High School day, the day where the school is blown to pieces, the gang is at it again but a new scary Principle, Dr. Vadar, is not having any of that. She builds a security fence around the school, has a claw instead of a hand, and two dim wit lackeys that carry out her dirty work. These dudes are also pretty aggressive with the boom mic. In short, The Eradicators want to play at the prom but they have to get past the evil Dr. Vadar. Oh and there’s also a gross love story between one of the substitute teachers and Corey Feldman’s character. He may be 18 but he’s still a high school student, you pedophile. Helping Jessie Davis, is an old geezer that has a hidden office in the little boy’s room at the school. If you need fake hall passes or answers to tests, Mr. Eaglebauer is your man. 

Writer and director, Deborah Brock, did a great job with Slumber Party Massacre II. You can see that this film has some of the same elements and style. Maybe not all the pastel colors. The dialogue really isn’t that great but there are still several quotes we all remember so Ms. Brock can take some comfort in that. “We have to stop Dr. Vadar from destroying Rock-n-Roll High School.” 

This sequel is lacking in the music department. It’s a complete let down after The Ramones took over the first film. I am not a fan of Corey Feldman’s performances in The Eradicators NOW but I was back then. I guess it was because he was on drugs but the performances really are not that great now that I am watching it again. I think the reason why they chose Feldman is because the Two Corey’s were hot around this time and they thought they could cash in some bucks. They may not have made any money off of the film but I hope they realize that there are still many fans out there, like myself. 

So lets go over the songs performed by Corey Feldman and The Eradicators. The cover of “I’m Walkin” was fun to watch but a horrible cover of a classic tune. “Tutti Frutti” I have never been a fan of the original by Little Richard… At all. “Riot In the Playground” and “Dare Dreamer” were actually not too bad. I really mean that. 

The Pursuit of Happiness performed a few songs for the film. “I’m an Adult Now” was spiffy right next to their less spiffy “Rock and Roll High School Forever” theme. “Dirty Love” by The Divinyls was playing during two post coitus scenes with the snobs and I have never heard the entire song but I have sung songs by The Divinyls at karaoke before. The song “You Are Mine” by the band Eleven was the most memorable for me. Maybe because of the upchuck reflexes while the song was playing. Then there’s “Very Scary” by Will & The Bushmen and “Bring It on Down” by Jesus Jones. So the soundtrack isn’t all bad but it’s mostly bad. 

Rock-N-Roll High School Forever provides us with a great cast. There’s no PJ Soles but the scary Mary Woronov, who looks like a female Tim Curry, returns as the Nazi principle. Evan Richards, the Corey Haim look-alike, portrays Mag. I remember him from the cult horror film Society. Liane Curtis portrays Stella and I remember her in Sixteen Candles as Samantha’s BFF, “Lets go make ourselves available.” These were the only cast members I was familiar with. Oh and there’s that ‘dude’ from “Girls Just Want to Have Fun.” DANCETV! Got to love that fabulous accent. 

So it might be far from perfect. It’s nostalgic for me. Right up there with Miracle Beach. I love revisiting all of these films I enjoyed during my childhood. The 90s ruled!

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