Video Nasty Pick: Who Can Kill a Child?

Before Children of the Corn and Bloody Birthday, the world was given “Who Can Kill a Child?” The title fits the film absolutely but why is it’s IMDB rating higher than Children of the Corn? I find the film, and others agree, to be extremely over rated but there are some moments that had me cheering. The film begins with 7 LONG minutes of real footage of children being abused and murdered. It was the directors intent to make it seem like the children were getting revenge on the adults for all of this and he wishes that he could have made this obvious at the end of the film. However, it’s not. There are so many theories out there as to what makes these kids go crazy and evil. But if you pay close attention, the children recruit other children just by staring at them or touching them. One of the alternative titles given was, TÖDLICHE BEFEHLE AUS DEM AL, which means, Lethal Commands From Space. It’s also known as Island of Death.

We are given a pretty basic plot. A man and his pregnant wife go to an island where all the children have gone ape shit and horrifically murdered all the adults. I got soooo bored. Nothing happens for 45 minutes. Finally, we get to see a creepy little girl who gleefully beats the shit out of an old man with his own cane followed by the rest of the children playing a fun little game called CORPSE PINATA! You find yourself asking the question, “Could I kill a child if the child was trying to kill me?” Your thoughts? I would of let those little midgets have it! When the lead character shoots several of these children standing in his way I shouted HELL YEA! I understand some people may have been offended by this film but these kids became adults when they began killing off all the adults. A cute little five year old ultimately meets his demise with a bullet.

The film was based on a novel by Juan José Plans titled El juego de los niños (The children’s game.) Narciso Ibanez Serrador is an extremely talented director that really knows how to tell a story. I adore Spanish horror films. The cinematography is impressive and the score fits perfectly. Although, they could mix it up a bit. I have mixed feelings about the acting. The kids were alright but the last surviving adult on the island was horrible and the pregnant wife got on my nerves. She’s dead weight and the baby inside her eventually kills her towards the end. Earlier in the film, a girl puts her hands on the woman’s stomach and puts her ear up against it. I guess she passed on whatever evil this is. I honestly couldn’t wait for this woman to die. I felt sorry for her but she was too annoying to keep caring about her. What isn’t made apparent is, how long have these adults been gone? Some of those corpses look fresh. Wouldn’t this start to smell? How are these children staying so clean?

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