Murder of Adrianne Reynolds

This is a story that hits close to home for me. The reason being, the students involve remind me of students I went to school with who also dressed in ICP shirts and called theirselves ‘juggalos’ or whatever the fuck that dumb word is. Most ICP fans are children that come from broken homes and have a substantially low IQ. On January 21, 2005 Adrienne Reynolds was beaten, strangled, burned, and dismembered by her classmates Cory Gregory and Sarah Kolb. The three attended an outreach center for teens to get their GED. Cory had been obsessed with Sarah for years. Sarah and Adrienne began passing notes back and forth. They mention lesbianism and ‘getting to know each other better.’ After Sarah learns that Adrienne slept with two different boys at a house where they teens often hung out, Sarah was enraged. She no longer wanted to speak to Adrienne and kept telling her to kill herself. The bullying began. She even threatened to kill Adrienne on numerous occasions but it was never taken seriously. Guess you never know. During January, the month of the murder, Cory asked Adrienne out, which infuriated Sarah Kolb even more.

On the day of the murder, Sarah invited Adrienne to join her, Cory, and a boy named Sean to lunch at Taco Bell. On the way there, the two girls began fighting. Sean reportedly jumped out of the car. While they’re in the parking lot Sarah begins strangling Adrienne with a belt and beating her with a wooden handle. Some argue that Cory was holding Adrienne down. Cory says that isn’t true and was actually the one that came forward to lead police to her body and tell them everything that happened so I believe this to be true. Crime scene photo and Sarah Kolb’s vehicle down below.

After the murder, Sarah and Cory took Adrienne’s body to Sarah’s grandparents farm where they burned her body with gasoline. The body failed to burn after several hours so they decided to dismember her body with a handsaw starting with her head and arms. They disposed of these body parts in a garage bag at the Black Hawk State Park. Before throwing the remains away, the teenagers ate at McDonalds. This still strikes me as odd. How can teenagers do such a thing? I mean, they dismembered her! What the fawk!

Adrienne was reported missing after she failed to show up for work. Cory came forward and the two were arrested. They were charged with two counts of first-degree murder and concealment on Feb 1, 2005. Strangely, they both plead not guilty. Sarah Kolb was given 53 years in prison. Cory finally plead guilty and received a 45 year sentence. Nathan Gaudet, who helped dismember the body, was given a juvenile sentence of five years for the concealment of Adrienne’s body. After serving almost four years, he was released in 2008.

Sarah Kolb is an extremely unattractive young woman. Her class mates and friends describe her as being a very popular girl. Why that is, I still cannot figure out no matter how many documentaries I see of the girl. At first, I thought she was a boy. She’s goth. Not to mention, she’s clearly unbalanced. The show ‘Snapped’ that featured her did a great job but she didn’t just ‘snap.’ She was making a complete ass of herself constantly. When the police called Sarah to find out some information about the missing teen, she made a huge mistake. She said too much. She said things like; “Honestly, I don’t like her. She is a jiffy.” A jiffy apparently is a word describing someone as ‘easily spreadable.’ That’s something that Sarah began calling Adrienne often when the bullying began. During another phone call Sarah told police that on the day they went to Taco Bell her and Adrienne did get into a fight but still swore she had nothing to do with her disappearance.

Just look at the photos of this ugly young woman below…

Some argue that Cory Gregory was the one that murdered her and that Sarah Kolb was innocent but if you actually take the time to study what kind of person Sarah is, read the threatening letters she wrote to Adrienne, etc etc it actually makes since that Sarah Kolb was involved.Cory is pictured below…

Adrienne Reynolds was an extremely beautiful young woman. She may of been troubled but she didn’t deserve to die like this. Had she gotten her GED, she would of joined the military. May she rest in peace.

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