Kelly Laine DOA

Back in 2009 I came across this profile that has become one of the most popular and talked about Myspace profiles on the news. I am talking about the Kellie Laine DOA. We even talked about this page on The Gash. The mother of a child who was killed in a horrific car accident made a page in memory of her daughter with the details of the accident and graphic pictures of the scene and bodies were present. This page was deleted twice and some ‘hater’ with nothing better to do had it in for poor Pam. As of now, it looks like MYspace has allowed Kellie Laine’s page to exist along with the graphic pictures. The page did raise a few eye brows but all the condulences from celebrities and Mothers Against Drunk Driving outweighed the individuals that seemed to be offended. Why would anyone take offense to these pictures? WARNING! Below is a picture of Kellie’s lifeless body. This is the exact picture of her on the myspace account.

Pam isn’t showing us the pictures for attention, sympathy, or to offend anyone. She’s trying to get an important message across. This message is loud and pretty damn obvious. In case any of you are wondering, I have her permission to show these pictures. I have been writing about this issue for a while but it has been a year since I’ve written or even spoken about it so I thought I would spread the word again. This woman has always had my support. I cannot imagine what she’s going through. Below is a picture of a victim’s arm, another lifeless individual on the left, and the driver’s shoes.

The Accident: On that fatal night, Kellie went along with friends to attend a party. Three people who were having this party obviously didn’t care about these underage kids drinking. Why they let these kids drive is a mystery. Pictured below is Kellie and a friend. It’s one of the last pictures taken of her and hours before she’s killed.

The three individuals made it clear that they couldn’t care less about the three kids who were killed in the crash. These adults charged an entry fee of $5.00 to drink all you wanted and they were never even charged for selling alcohol to a minor. NO JUSTICE! South Caroline authorities claim they couldn’t charge the three adults because they sold the alcohol in their private home. For reals? Kellie didn’t leave with the girls she showed up to the party with. She got into the car with a drunk friend of hers from school and a drunk boy she never even met. She was in the car with these boys for maybe 20 minutes and only 3 miles from home. Before the crash, they dropped off a friend and the last words Kellie had spoken to this friend were, “It’s freezing, I’m going home.” This boy was following them because after dropping Kellie off, they planned on getting breakfast.

They were driving on an extremely curvy road and going 70mph. The driver lost control of the vehicle and it flew into the air knocking down the top of three trees and landing on top of the three victims. Apparently, Kellie was thrown from the car and the car eventually landed on top of her. The scene of the wreck has been explained by police officers as ‘extremely bloody.’ They went into further detail about the gruesome scene but I am not. The pictures say it all. These pictures the mother posted aren’t even that bad compared to the ones she hasn’t shown. I hope it was quick and these kids didn’t feel any pain.

In a blog titled “To a hater and to myspace,” Pam poured her heart about on the issue. She couldn’t believe they deleted the page twice. I’m not going to mention everything she typed out. If you want to read it for yourself then you can google “Kellie Laine DOA” and read all about it. Condolences are welcome and she ALWAYS replies. Words from Pam:

“you are a hater. a shit starter. a person who has nothing else to do but troll through 11 albums and 700 pictures until you found what you were looking for. which is exactly what you did because not all the photo’s reported and removed were in the same album. How dare you say MY child is offensive to YOU.”

Amen sister! That last line gave me chills. You can see how angry and heart broken this women is. She goes on to say, “you cant handle looking at pictures of MY child? oh *boo hoo*. you are not even fit to lick my shoes yet alone walk in them. I saw Kelli dead– in person not just pictures. how dare you deny me AND Kelli’s friends from sharing MY daughter’s life AND death. you have no idea how many people show those pictures to their CHILDREN to show them the reality of drunk driving to save their life! oh wait, yes you do because you read ALL the comments I’m sure of that because you were lurking. I just wonder if myspace read them all? doubt it. looks like YOU and myspace are missing the same sensitivity chip. If those pictures are so offensive, then why do high schools across the nation show their STUDENTS Kell’s page? Kelli’s page is good enough for TWO branches of our military to show, yet myspace has deleted her page TWICE.”

My thoughts and prayers and with this woman and other parents who have lost their children to drunk drivers. RIP Kellie Laine Lewis.

Numerous pictures from the Myspace and Newspaper Clippings below.

View of the car after the accident.

Kellie, her mother, and younger brother.

The passenger door to where Kellie was sitting

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