Genene Jones – Angel of Death

Genene Jones was a very strange woman with some serious issues like other Angel of Death, Jane Toppan. She suffered from Munchausen Syndrome by proxy symptoms. Basically, she saw herself as a hero. Her class mates and friends growing up, the little friends that she had, all portray her as someone who desperately wanted to become popular. It seems like Genene would shoot these poor babies up with SUCC making them go into cardiac arrest, then she and the doctor would save the baby. She got something out of the ‘thrill’ as well. In one case she even told the mother, “It was one of the most exciting afternoons of my life.” This woman has been suspected of killing at the very least, 47 young children. The exact number of murders remain unknown, as hospital officials allegedly first misplaced then destroyed records of her activities to prevent further litigation after Jones’ first conviction.

Genene was born on July 13, 1950, in San Antonio and was immediately given up for adoption. Her adopted father made a fortune running the Kit Kat Club, a nightclub with illegal gambling in the backrooms. Genene was the cleaverest of all the adopted children in this family. By the time she was a teenager, she wasn’t really a looker and she was 30 pounds over weight. It’s reported that even in school she had an amazing bossy personality. She bossed people around constantly. She was also known for lying. Claiming things like, “she was related to Mickey Dolenz from the band The Monkees.” She complained that her family didn’t love her enough. One class mate said, “To her, lying was just like talking.” As she got into her later teens, one of her brothers died in a homemade pipe bomb explosion and her father died of cancer. This caused Genene to become a hypocondriac and for years she would make constant visits to the ER, even with minor problems.

After she graduated, she married a drop out named Jimmy and had two children. Both children survived Genene, probably because her mother took care of the children. While her husband JImmy was away, Genene became in a way…popular by sleeping with lots of guys. She then enrolled in a beauty college and found work as a beautician. In 1974, she became a 23 year old single mother. Another one of her brothers died, this time of cancer. Soon after, Genene decided to become an LVN. Genene actually became popular in nursing school. When she wrote her licensing exam, she scored 559 – more than two hundred points above the minimal passing grade.

After working at three different hospitals in thirteen months, Genene got a job at Bexar County Hospital. This is where the majority of her damage occurs. Fellow employees said she could “start an IV in a friggin’ fly.” She took on double shifts and was determined to be the hardest working employee in the hospital. In one instance, a baby dies in her care. She is found sobbing over the baby. This became a concern. They felt she needed to maintain a better control of her emotionalism. One thing doctors didn’t like about Genene is that she constantly called doctors to attend patients with problems SHE thought they were having. She had a strange reputation at this hospital. She was said to be able to spot when a child was going into arrest or a seizure. Well, turns out, this was her own doing. She wanted to look like a hero in everyone’s eyes. She would even show up on the bedside of small children when she wasn’t on her shift. This alarmed the RNs. She became very bossy with the entire hospital staff. When her requests were denied by doctors she would complain, “This kid is going to die if you don’t do this!” An RN recalled, “It’s like she knew what was going to happen.” She certainly did. More frequent code blue calls were being made. She would go on to say, “Oh shit, it’s frightening. You’re aware of everything, but you only tune in to two or three different people…you reallly have to control your physical abilities, because you get really keyed up.” When her patients died, she would break down and cry. The nurses became weary of Genene and thought it was odd how many infants were dying in her care. They had to prove this. When the statistics were gathered, they revealed that a total of 43 deaths in the PICU occured. An internal hospital investigation was launched. They figured she was either grossly incompetent or she was deliberately killing patients. In 1982, Genene was sent packing but ws designated as “eligible for re-employment.” In fear of Genene suing the hospital, they upped the standards for the hospital. She was only an LVN and had no choice but to leave.

IN the Spring of 1982, she began working for Dr. Kathleen Holland. This would be the beginning of the end of her baby killing career. Infants in this pediatric clinic would go into cardiac arrest after being with Genene. She was very sneaky with that needle. Some were revived and the parents praised her. Some weren’t so lucky. Dr. Holland came across a vile of SUCCS that had been punctured. It was revealed that this was in the dead infants system and she knew they hadn’t been using this medication on her patients…or so she thought. Alarmed, the doctors called the previous hospital in which Genene was employed. The resident they spoke with checked out her records, called back, and told them, “You’ve got a baby killer in your hands.” Dr. Holland was called into a meeting after this and questioned her about Genene. Holland defended her. Holland lived with Genene and told her about the meeting. This upset Genene. Days later Genene told Dr. Holland, “I found that missing vial of SUCCS. There’s only one problem, the cap has been popped.” Dr. Holland couldn’t believe it. She had a hard time sleeping that night. The next day, Genene returned from lunch and mentioned she had just visited one of the graves of the babies she had killed. The infants parents were testify later that they saw her at their daughter’s graveside rocking back and forth and sobbing, calling out Chelsea’s name over and over. WHAT A FUCKING WACKO! Dr. Holland called a meeting to find out how the holes in the vial of SUCCS got punctured. No one had an explanation. Holland asked Genene, “How am I going to explain those holes Genene?” Genene replied with, I don’t think you should explain them at all. I think you should just throw it out, Tell them we lost it. We wont be lying if we say we lost it. We did lose it, I know we found it again, but they don’t have to know we found it. Just throw it away.” Holland refused to go along with this. An hour later Genene approches Holland and says, “I did a stupid thing at lunch. I took a bunch of Doxepin.” Dr. Holland rushed Genene to the doctor next door and said, “One,I am not an adult doctor and two, I wash my hands of this woman.” Below is a picture of Baby Chelsea McClellan.

Holland notified the authorities. On October 12, 1982, a grand jury in Kerr County began investigating all the deaths. In 1985, Jones was sentenced to 99 years in prison for killing 15 month-old Chelsea McClellan with succinylcholine. Later that year, she was sentenced to a concurrent term of 60 years in prison for nearly killing Rolando Jones with heparin. However, she will serve only one-third of her sentence because of a law in place at the time to deal with prison overcrowding. Jones will receive automatic parole in 2017. She is currently eligible for early parole every two to three years, but has been denied six times so far. The parents of Chelsea could never get over the murder of their baby. The mother had to go through psychological counseling. My heart goes out for these parents pictured below.

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