Forgotten Murders in SETX

It’s unbelievable how many murders have happened around here and people have simply forgotten about them. Some are still widely publicized. A lot of the cases I am about to mention that happened in Beaumont, Silsbee, Port Arthur, Jasper, Nederland, Evadale, Vidor, Texas are not so easily mentioned. Trying to dig up old information on a lot of these cases proved to be uneventful….mostly. I’m actually surprised what I found and what I could still remember. Some of these people involved in these cases, I knew personally…and some are victims and murderers my friends knew. I just thought they should be recognized one last time.

Bill Travis:
This case is hard to find all the facts on. In fact, there are absolutely NO online articles or newspaper clippings I have come across….nor pictures for that matter.  Not many people seem to remember this story.  On May 12, 1994, Bill Travis, sixteen years old, stabbed his parents (David and Kathleen Travis) to death and ‘accidentally’ killed his partner in crime. His partner was Todd Thompson who was also sixteen. After he fled to Missouri, he was picked up by the police. When I came across someone commenting on it online he had this to say in response to someone asking if Dungeons and Dragons played a part in the murders; “1994 WERE NOT in any way involved in dungeons and dragons nor any other black magic. As much as under informed speculators would like to have something demonic to tie the triple homicidal acts to, as in this crime, I assure you, if you were provided with ALL the facts in this case, you would see that this was a simple case involving a troubled teenage boy with typical teenage boy angst whom made an extremely horrible decision that would affect his and countless others for the rest of their lives.” This is all the information I could find on the case, as of yet. *UPDATE! CLIPPINGS FOUND!!!*

*MAJOR UPDATE* Finally, I was contacted with more information on the case. A friend of mine was one of the boys who was friends with the Travis family. Bill’s younger brothers, 12 and 14, spent the night at his home that evening of the murders. The two young boys discovered the bodies the next day when they were drop off. I’m waiting on further details from this friend and I’m not sure if he wants me to use his name on here so I will wait and update further information as it comes in. I did come across an article from Houston Chronicle that provided more information. The teen, Bill Travis, stood trial as an adult but because he was a juvenile, he does not face the death penalty. “I just wanted to run away.” He carried on with his story explaining that he and his father got into an argument on the night of March 12. His journal says otherwise with an inscription that said, “16 weeks until death.” It even included a time frame for the killing of his parents. “1. Kill my parents and family — Sat. 6 pm – 8pm.” His journal included step by step details, plans to tear up the house, get whatever he needed from the family hardware store, and go home to sleep. It also indicated that he killed the family dog the next day (wtf) and took a trip to the mall to buy discs, a disc plays, shoes, and games. He even planned to kill his neighbor Mr. Ruby along with derailing a train and killing victims after robbing a convenient store.  Bill explained to the court that he and Thompson struck his father with an electric stun gun and knives. His father was stabbed 11 times and his mother was stabbed 23. He pleaded that his father deflected a knife blow and it went into Thompson’s chest. It killed him instantly. Bill went to sleep in his bed that night and left Beaumont the next day. Further testimony from Bill Travis revealed that his father often yelled at him and made him feel stupid. He and his friend Todd planned on running away but they feared they would be found so the only choice they had left was to kill them. He cried when pictures of his mother’s corpse were shown to him while he described killing her. He said he was very sad about killing his mother and “I just wish I could have prevented it.” As for his father’s death, “if I could have told him how I felt,” he feels it could have been prevented. Naturally, there were rumors that the killings involved the game Dungeons and Dragons, satanic worship, and homosexuality but isn’t that always speculation? When something as horrific as this happens, people cannot understand and want to place blame on evil forces. That was not a direct copy and paste from the Houston Chronicle. I typed all of this out and added information from my other source. The house isn’t far from my home here in Beaumont. Recently, The Beaumont Enterprise interviewed a woman that moved into the house in 2006. 8655 Newfield Lane is the exact location and here’s a picture of the house below:

Kristy Robbins:
Kristy Robbins, 20, was a stripper that was strangled and beheaded on Halloween 1999 due to a bitter custody battle between her and her former boyfriend over their 21 month old baby. Robbins went to boyfriends apartment to pick child up and another Beaumont stripper who was 22 and danced at the same clubs assisted in her death. She was now romantically involved with Robbins ex. After strangling the girl they injected her with drugs trying to make it look like an overdose. They panicked and decapitated her and partially severed her arm, wrapped her up in garbage bags, parked her car under a bridge, set fire to the car and fled. The killers were arrested and confessed to the police. Christopher Wayne Gregory was the name of the dude.  Years ago, the headlines read “Convicted Murderer Receives 50 Years”.  I wonder if anyone kept these clippings. To my surprise, I came across Christopher’s “Inmate Directory Profile” on the net while trying to find information on his whereabouts. He has his picture and said these things about his self and gives you very little detail about the fact that he’s a cold blooded murderer and it almost seems like he wants sympathy. So it makes me wonder what girls talk to him about and when they ask why he is in for murder, “Yea I decapitated the mother of my child.” I bet that goes over well. This is what his profile says, “I was on top of the world enjoying life, then got knocked down flat on my back. It was my 22nd birthday, something ended up in my body that I was not aware of. I eventually fell asleep and had a horrible dream. When my mother woke me up with a phone call, I realized that the previous night was no dream. I had been part of someone’s death…. Upon my arrival in prison, my mind had been made up — I will change. My devotion was to rehabilitation programs and anything to help me change and grow up.  Now I am destined to prove myself as a productive member of society.  Got a vision. Hope. Just waiting for the door to open. Looking for some friends who would like to be part of my trip to the promised land. Culture, race, color ethnicity does not matter. No discrimination! Ladies, how about some conversational companionship. Significance. A friend. Motivation. Someone to learn, value, and praise your personality. Recount your strengths and be sensitive to your weaknesses. Someone just to talk to.  I’m here and waiting. Let’s go!” Sounds promising. NOT. Here is his picture below.

His girlfriend Jennifer Lynn Walter, received a 45-year term. In April, Walter pleaded guilty to murder and agreed to testify against Gregory. I didn’t really know Jennifer or the other two involved but I am friends with someone who worked at the Tonga for years. A little while back I asked him if he remembered the two girls and if it happened while he worked there and he told me that they certainly did. He told me a few things about their personalities. That was an interesting conversation. I wont disclose anymore information about what he told me or his name for that matter.  Gregory had missed child support payments in the middle of a custody battle, according to a police affidavit. Robbins called the two several times in the middle of the night, angering them. The two decided to wait for Robbins and strangle her when she walked in the door of her apartment. That’s pretty much the gist of it and the motive right there. Seems to be all I could get out of the Orange News website. Recently found a newspaper clipping! Score!

*UPDATE* I found Kristy’s grave! 

Triston Dobbins:
Leo Desormeaux was convicted of the December, 2007 death of his son, Triston Dobbins. The 21-month-old boy died while visiting his father and stepmother in Evadale. Medical examiners said Triston died of severe injuries to his head. Poor baby. Leo placed blame on his wife Crystal Desormeaux and pleaded he had nothing to do with his baby boy’s death. A jury acquitted her of capital murder. She isn’t the child’s biological mother. She remains charged with a second degree felony of injury to a child as well as misdemeanor charges of failure to report a felony.  I’ve never met Crystal but from the looks of this photo it seems like she has a receding hair line. Or a big forehead. Did I mention that Evadale smell really bad?

During testimony, jurors heard from Ami Dobbins, the mother of Triston. I actually know Ami unfortunately because my ex husband had a relationship with her while we were together but that’s beside the point. Small world right? Dobbins said on the stand that she still believes that Crystal killed the child. Desormeaux’s defense attorney, Bruce Smith asked Dobbins that if she thought Leo killed the baby, would she be on the witness stand supporting him, she said no. Dobbins also testified that she believed Leo was a good father, and although she noticed bruises on the young child, she continued to let him go back to Leo. She said that she warned Leo that if the child came home with one more bruise, she would call CPS, but she never did. Well now, maybe you should of done something? I would raise hell if my daughter came back from her dads with bruises. Man, this Leo guy looks like a fucking prize. Pardon my language, but you know me. Thanks to Beaumont Enterprise for some of the case information.

Dannarriah Finley:
This poor sweet little girl was found wrapped around a torn, flowered sheet. She was only 4. There were hair follicle and DNA test results conducted for months on area sex offenders and other persons of interest in the case. And an overflowing binder with pages and pages of photographic evidence. Not only was this little girl murdered, she was raped. In early February 2004, investigators turned that evidence over to the Orange County District Attorney’s Office, saying at the time that they believed a Grand Jury Indictment could come in four-to-six-weeks. But on that day, Dannarriah’s body was discovered in a rural area of Pleasant Island in Port Arthur, 27-30 miles from her Orange home. A local worker found the body of Dannarriah Finley at about 3 p.m. July 8, 2002 on a small, isolated dirt path. He told local media at the time that the “badly decomposed” body was wrapped in a floral sheet and looked to have been “dumped” in an way that “dredging crews would finish covering her with clay deposits” from the area. Reports say that Dannarriah was later identified through DNA testing. It’s 2012 and she still hasn’t received justice. Orange Leader provided a vast amount of information on the case. I pray that it gets solved and the killer meets his maker.

Summer Bourque:
I believe I went to school with this girl. She was 24 years old and strangled to death. It’s said that her body was fed to alligators but I am still waiting on confirmation. Beaumont Enterprise reported that video surveillance caught her leaving Dylans Night Club in Port Arthur Texas. This is a place where my brothers and I sometimes hang out. A Jefferson County grand jury Thursday indicted Joseph Desormeaux, who led investigators on a cross-country manhunt, on a murder charge. Preliminary autopsy results show that Bourque, a Nederland resident, suffered head trauma and was choked to death, according to court documents. Jefferson County prosecutor Ed Shettle said Desormeaux would not face a capital murder charge unless it could be proven that Bourque was kidnapped or sexually assaulted. Desormeaux was arrested Aug. 29 in Seattle, where he remained jailed on a $1 million bond, according to jail information there. The Port Arthur, Beaumont and Houston police departments; the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office; and U.S. Marshals investigators were involved in the search. Someone he was in prison with testified that he admitted to hitting her head on the wheel and feeding her to the alligators and this person testified that he had nothing to gain from his testimony.

Kimberly Ann Langwell:

BEAUMONT — Nearly 10 years have passed since a 34-year-old woman disappeared in Beaumont’s west end, but an effort to solve the case is kept alive. It’s clear that this woman is dead. She wasn’t the type to just up and leave her family. But we can still keep posting pictures of her and why aren’t the police keeping an eye on her crazy ex boyfriend that family and friends believe had something to do with it?  DeDe Keene and law enforcement want the community to know of Kimberly Anne Langwell and hope that area residents can help solve her disappearce and bring closure to her family. Police believe someone could have seen something that would help solve Langwell’s whereabouts. Police said Langwell went missing a decade ago at about 5 p.m. July 9, from a parking lot at Dowlen and Phelan roads, where an Eckerd’s pharmacy was located. Her car, cell phone and other belongings inside the vehicle were left behind.  “Nobody wants to talk about this. Nobody wants to think about this, but one of the reasons I want to do this every year is to get people talking again,” Keene said. Keene and her husband flooded the Dowlen parking lot with fliers.  “Don’t forget this woman is still missing, she added. “We need your help.” Langwell called her teenage daughter at about 5:30 in the afternoon of July 9, 1999 in their hometown of Beaumont, Texas. Langwell reminded her about dinner plans they had for that evening and said she would return home at approximately 6:30 p.m. after visiting a friend. Langwell’s boyfriend began searching for her when she did not arrive at her residence later that night. He discovered her silver 1994 Nissan Altima abandoned in the parking lot of the Eckerd Pharmacy at a shopping center on Dowlen Road and Phelan Boulevard or Phelan Avenue at approximately 10:30 p.m. A photograph of the vehicle is posted below this case summary. Langwell’s purse and car keys were missing, but her cellular phone, cosmetics and other personal items were inside the car. There was no other sign of her at the scene and an extensive search of the area produced no clues as to her whereabouts. Langwell has never been heard from again. Langwell’s family members believe that she departed from the pharmacy with someone she trusted. They say it would be highly uncharacteristic of her not to make contact with her daughter for so long, as they were very close. Her loved ones believe Langwell’s ex-boyfriend was responsible for her disappearance; the individual had reportedly threatened her and frightened her badly. Before her disappearance, Langwell told her sister to disbelieve it if she heard Langwell had committed suicide. She said she might disappear, and told her sister where to look for her remains. Foul play is suspected in Langwell’s disappearance. She was employed at the Mobil Oil refinery in Beaumont in 1999. It’s such a shame. She was a beautiful woman. It’s unfortunate that she’s probably dead since we haven’t found a single trace of Kimberly. You can read more about the case here.

Falyssa Van Winkle:
On Oct. 6, 1990, Joe and Elaine Langley were working with their 10-year-old daughter, Falyssa, at a flea market in Beaumont. Joe Langley saw James Rexford Powell, an acquaintance, at 9 a.m. for about 10 to 15 minutes. Langley also saw Powell talk to Falyssa. Around 10 a.m., Falyssa left to buy a bag of peanuts; a little while later, Powell came by and indicated he was leaving. Falyssa never returned and her body was found that afternoon under a bridge with her hands and ankles bound with rope. She had been sexually abused and died of ligature strangulation. Witnesses identified Powell’s motor home on the bridge and DNA from sperm found on Falyssa’s body matched Powell’s DNA.  He was executed October 1, 2002. His last meal was a pot of coffee.  What a sick sack of shit. I am happy he is now dead but I feel horrible when I think about what this little girls last few minutes alive were like. This is why I ALWAYS hold my daughters hand no matter where we are. A picture of the sack of shit and poor little girl are down below.

James Byrd Jr:
On June 7, 1998, Byrd, age 49, accepted a ride from Shawn Berry (age 24), Lawrence Brewer (age 31), and John King (age 23). Berry, who was driving, was acquainted with Byrd from around town. Instead of taking Byrd home, the three men took Byrd to a remote county road out of town, beat him with anything they could find, urinated on his unconscious body, chained him by his ankles to their pickup truck dragging him for three miles. Brewer later claimed that Byrd’s throat had been slashed by Berry before he was dragged. However, forensic evidence suggests that Byrd had been attempting to keep his head up while being dragged, and an autopsy suggested that Byrd was alive during much of the dragging. Byrd died after his right arm and head were severed after his body hit a culvert. His body had caught the culvert on the side of the road, resulting in Byrd’s decapitation. Berry, Brewer, and King dumped their victim’s mutilated remains in front of an African-American cemetery on Huff Creek Road; the three men then went to a barbecue. Along the area where Byrd was dragged, authorities found a wrench with “Berry” written on it. They also found a lighter that was inscribed with “Possum”, which was King’s prison nickname.[4] The following morning, Byrd’s limbs were found scattered across a seldom-used road. The police found 75 places that were littered with Byrd’s remains. State law enforcement officials, along with Jasper’s District Attorney, determined that since Brewer and King were well-known white supremacists, the murder was a hate crime. They decided to call upon the Federal Bureau of Investigation less than 24 hours after the discovery of Byrd’s remains. This was a high profile case and the majority of this information can be found on Wikipedia.

King had several tattoos considered to be racist: a black man hanging from a tree, Nazi symbols, the words “Aryan Pride,” and the patch for a gang of white supremacist inmates known as the Confederate Knights of America.[5] In a jailhouse letter to Brewer that was intercepted by jail officials, King expressed pride in the crime and said he realized in committing the murder he might have to die. “Regardless of the outcome of this, we have made history. Death before dishonor. Sieg Heil!”, King wrote.[3] An officer investigating the case also testified that witnesses said King had referenced The Turner Diaries after beating Byrd Berry, Brewer, and King were tried and convicted for Byrd’s murder. Brewer and King received the death penalty, while Berry was sentenced to life in prison.  In 2003, a movie about the crime, titled Jasper, Texas, was produced and aired on Showtime. Below is a picture of the racist loser John King. *Update* The nazi has been put to death. Hooray for justice.

Teri Ann Hardy:

This is a girl I went to school with and even had Physical Education classes with. I still remember she wore this strange white/silverish lipstick sometimes. Some of us who knew her still debate about her murder to this day. Some indicate that she stole something and it was drug related but that was never pointed out by the killers. What I, her family, and a few of our friends think happened is that she knew about a murder. Just keep reading and maybe you will agree. Her body was found a in a canal by two fisherman. James William Hornsby, 20, of the Port Acres area of Port Arthur, and Melisa Frazier, 23, of Groves, were arrested and charged with murder. The third suspect, Kevin Wayne Coffey, 30, was charged with murder Sunday, a day after his arrest by Groves police. In court documents, Hornsby is accused of beating Hardy in the head with the beer mug and Frazier of strangling her with an electrical cord. Coffey is accused of helping to destroy evidence and dispose of the body. Port Arthur police are exploring a possible connection between Hardy’s death and her testimony earlier this year in the trial of David Yeager, who was convicted of manslaughter in the beating death of a Port Acres man over a stolen radio. “I think that has prompted the family to think the murder was in retaliation. But investigators have checked into it and can’t find a relationship between the two events.” “I gave him a look I wanted him to remember,” the grandfather told The Port Arthur News. “I wanted him to know that someone cared about Teri because I knew he didn’t.” So that’s what I think. She was going to testify and they were going to shut her up. I also think there was some jealousy involved with Frazier. You can read some of the trial testimonies here.   I thought about adding a picture of Teri from school on here but I don’t have a scanner.

Allison Neil Clark:
This is yet another girl who was murdered that I went to school with, only her and I were closer than Teri and I were. Allison and I use to spend the night at each others houses playing ‘Mall Madness’ and playing in the woods by her parents home. We also had several classes together and mutual friends that would often play with us. This is by far one of the sweetest girls I have ever met and she didn’t deserve this. It seems so unfair. She was also a good wife and mother. Allison was shot May 14, 2010 on West Port Arthur Rd near HWY 365. There still aren’t any leads except that a white truck was seen.

Police say someone fired a shot through the driver’s side window of Clark’s Ford Excursion. The bullet struck Clark in the chest. She was able to stop the vehicle and put on the flashers before she died. Her three-year-old daughter was in a child safety seat in the back of the SUV. She was asleep and unhurt. Police tell KFDM News a witness going into the Acres Grocery in the 65 hundred block of West Port Arthur Road reported that two shots were fired from a pickup truck at about 8:30 p.m. The witness heard one shot farther down the road and another shot as the vehicle approached the store.

The vehicle was a light silver, Ford F-150 pickup truck with dark tinted windows. If you have any information about the vehicle or the shooting death, call EasTex Crime Stoppers at 724-TIPS. This photo of her is exactly how I remember her looking the last time I saw her. After I moved from Nederland I never saw her again but we kept in touch through Face Book. The Beaumont Enterprise has written a few articles about the incident and tends to update information whenever possible.

Katherine Page:
To this day you can still see this billboard hanging up in Vidor, Tx. According to Vidor Police Chief Steve Conroy, Katherine “Kathy” Page, 35, was found strangled in her vehicle May 14, 1991. The 1991 black Mercury Tracer was found around 4:20 a.m. in a ditch about a block from her home on Boliver Street in Vidor. “The accident appeared to be staged traffic accident,” Conroy said. The vehicle had very little damage to it, but Page had bone fractures around her larynx, a broken nose, blackened right eye, and a bruise to the right temple, Conroy said. Page was separated from her husband and had two young daughters at the time of her death.  The family of Kathy Page struggles to cope everyday. I erased the majority of this piece because I was contacted by the daughter of Kathy Page and she doesn’t believe it was her fathered that murdered her mother. This young lady feels embarrassed over the billboard and her grandfather’s behavior. I’m happy she contacted me and I was thrown off when I visited her blog. Please take five minutes out of your day to read what she has to say about the case.

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  1. I went to school with both of them, had classes with both, Todd sat at my table in home economics. This was so weird when it happened.


  2. I went to school with both of them, had classes with both, Todd sat at my table in home economics. This was so weird when it happened. Bill Travis & Todd had a list my daughters father was supposed to be on that list, he lived down the street on same block. I couldn’t find much info on case either


  3. I went to West Brook High School with Bill Travis, he actually sat behind me in class. I went to his trial with some other friends from high school. What a sad and tragic story, I can’t believe it hasn’t made one of these tv shows about child murderers.

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