Erotic Thrillers on VHS

When it comes to erotic thrillers on VHS, my selection is rather limited. It appears that the only tapes belonging to that genre on my shelves were Stripped to Kill, Out of the Dark, Body Heat, and a few titles that are not worth mentioning. After falling madly in love with Stripped to Kill and Out of the Dark, I decided it’s time to make erotic thrillers my new obsession. The new additions will fit nice and cozy on my tight spaced shelves. It’s hard to make room so I have been posting tapes for sale in the group and thankfully sold several at the swap meet in Austin.

First on the list is Out of the Dark. This title has been in my collection for almost two years now and I just now got around to watching it. Knowing very little about the film, I had no urges or motivation to pop into my player. It’s a provocative thriller starring Karen Black and Karen Mayo Chandler, who is *spoiler alert* the killer in Stripped to Kill 2.

A killer in a clown mask, who prefers to be called BoBo (original,) is well on his way to becoming one of the ickiest and dumbest murderers ever produced on film as he harasses the local phone sex service with uncomfortable heated conversation complete with pants and heavy breathing. This killer goes into some of the most bizarre rants while tickling his own sweaty nipple with a knife. ICK. There are the usual red herrings and crappy dialogue but Out of the Dark proved to be a unique piece of art that shouldn’t be limited to or filed under the “Abysmal Skinemax Garbage” genre. The lighting and editing are spectacular with a score that will leave you feeling uneasy. Pay special attention to the first murder. Pure art.

Pardon the flash on the Lies video cassette cover. Still completing everything on my phone. Key Video has always been in the running for my favorite releasing company. It’s hard to compete with some of the others though. Unfortunately, I only own 3 Key Videos. Another new addition is Bedroom Eyes. I am in love with this cover. Thanks for suggesting it guys!

Moving on to the newest addition to my Vestron Video collection, I would like to introduce the sultry Sex Through a Window. The box art is fantastic. “If you think no one is watching…. Think again.” Ooooooh brilliant tagline. 

Picked up two Prisms. Prism has some of my favorite covers but these are nothing too spectacular. First we have the pink clamshell Private Passions starring Sybil Danning. “The daughter breaks his heart….. The mother takes his love.” Sounds perverse and just plain wrong. Ick ick ick. Sloppy seconds on your daughter’s disposable boyfriend, did I mention ick? I cannot wait to watch this nasty piece of shit. Moving on to another highly recommended, we have Night Eyes. Strangely, the back of the box has benn cut up. Oh well. If I ever get around to it, I will check out the sequels starring the luscious Shannon Tweed. 

Speaking of Shannon Tweed and Sybil Danning, I picked up The Dark Dancer and Reform School Girls also starring Plasmatic’s front girl Wendy O Williams. Poor Wedy was uglier than sin and have severe mental problems but her body is pretty eye catching on this cover. 

The last erotic Thriller on the list is Crimes of Passion. Oh lordy. Directed by Ken Russell, only one of the best directors of all the time. Starring Kathleen Turner and Anthony Perkins. I adore both actors so I look forward to popping this tape into my VCR. On top of this cast and crew it claims to be “The steamiest video cassette of the year.” Well that is just swell. Color me ecstatic. 

Now I will leave you with this………

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