Drop Dead Fred: A Female’s Perspective

If you didn’t grow up with Drop Dead Fred then you might want to skip this one but I feel you are missing out. At the same time, you might not ‘get’ the comedic genius exploding all over your television. Fred’s gross humor may turn others off. People shouldn’t take life so seriously. Learn to enjoy immaturity every once in a while. I wouldn’t exactly call this a family friendly movie since it includes vulgar language and sexual innuendos but we don’t get a whole lot of it. I grew up watching this and in a strict Jewish house hold. Your kids will love it. It’s low budget with cheesy effects but there are some appealing camera angles throughout the film and it certainly has its charm. DDF buoyantly covers the concept of children having imaginary friends. It’s not exactly uncommon to have an imaginary friend. I had one, who will remain nameless, and my daughter has one whose name is apparently “Raven.” That was a year ago so I think she may have grown out of Raven by now but the difference between us and the girl in this film is that we knew imaginary friends weren’t real. Drop Dead Fred flat out ruins this girls life and may or may not actually exist. I never thought my imaginary friend was real when I was 8. I was just a silly girl having a good old fashion time due to boredom. I had plenty of real friends and I believe they made fun of me for this quite often. My imaginary friend never made fun of me, HA! They say that kids develop imaginary friends to help deal with change or times of transition and the imaginative play gives them sense of control over their surroundings. I am going to have to disagree with this theory but that doesn’t mean it’s a theory that doesn’t fit other children. Research shows that it’s quite common for children to have imaginary friends so parents, there’s no need to worry. Your child is perfectly fine.

Drop Dead Fred is an imaginary 30 year old friend with green striped jackets and piss yellow pants who suffers from cornflakes disease. He picks his nose and rubs that glorious snot all over the girl’s face then proceeds to call her ‘snot face.’ This is something my little brother calls every woman and he is a grown man. When Fred’s not doing that, he’s snot flicking and telling people to piss off. It takes more than a fire truck to stop Drop Dead Fred. He’s a loner, a crazy wide eyed loner on a doomed mission to Venus to battle with the 3 headed mega beast. DDF also believes fish can drown and loves to play with dolls. It’s impossible for him to love girls because girls are d-i-s-g-u-s-t-i-n-g! The imaginary ra-tardhas an obsession with dog poo and wipes it all over the mother’s white carpet and chairs. All on sides, all on sides. Last but certainly not least, he LOOOOOOOOOOOVES hide and seek. 

Lizzy (Phoebe Cates) is now sexually repressed, older, uglier, and her occupation is a court stenographer. She has lost her unfaithful husband, her piece of shit car, and her crummy job in one day. This results in her having to move in with her unbalanced mother. I don’t know what the mother’s story is. At times I felt sorry for her because she was dealing with a child who may have severe psychological problems but instead of sympathizing with her she continues to act like a mega bitch. That’s tough love. Apparently, she is suffering from cobweb syndrome in her vaginal region too. The mega bitch takes Fred away from her and keeps him locked up in a jack-in-the-box (LOL) for years up until adulthood when snot face decides to open the box. Out pops Fred in ball fashion, like Critters, and scares the ever living shit out of the grown Lizzy. Marsha Mason delivers an incredible performance as the mega bitch. Mega bitch takes Lizzy shopping which results in Lizzy ending up analogously clad as Mega Bitch. All of her hair has been shortened to shoulder length, her clothes have been exchanged to something more grown up and sassy, and her face features more make-up. At least the Mega Bitch is taking an interest and trying to help her kiddo grow up. That luxurious hair cut doesn’t last for long. Fred chops off her hair in her sleep before destroying her best friends boat while playing “pirates.”

Rik Mayall’s  performance as DDF was incandescent, unbeatable, and obviously the most aesthetic thing about the film. He’s a cult British comic figure and devoted fans like myself have been in love for years. Critics keep comparing DDF to Beetlejuice but I think the two are significantly different. Maybe there are some redeeming qualities that match but for the most part I look at the two as completely contrasting films with completely different characters and story lines. Carrie Fisher plays Lizzy’s best friend who gets into an imaginary fight with an imaginary Fred after he destroyed her boat house. Everything she owned was on that boat and she probably has a few problems to square out with her much older boyfriend Murray too. It’s clear that she cares about Lizzy and only wants to help but how much of this nonsense can she put up with? Especially, after embarrassing herself in front of her co-workers and Murray.

Charles (Tim Matheson) is Lizzy’s husband who is cheating on her with, lets face it, a much hotter grown woman who doesn’t seem to be suffering from any mental disorders. She’s not afraid to show off her figure, unlike Lizzy who wears denim overall dresses but still retains a  much more natural look. Annabella, the mistress, also prefers to go commando instead of wearing God only knows what kind of underwear Lizzy is wearing. By the way, Bridgette Fonda plays Annabella! It’s hard for me to choose between the two. Outside of DDF, Phoebe Cates was a full blown hottie with a memorable scene in Fast Times at Ridgemont High catering to young masturbators all over the world. Her natural look is quite pleasing to the eye, as well as her breasts. Fonda was hardcore in Point of No Return as an ex junkie professional killer. Even as a short-haired ginger in Single White Female, she was a Goddess and tremendous actress. You cannot take your eyes off of her. Any who, grown up Lizzy finally gets back at Charles by picking her nose and wiping snot on his face. OH NO SHE DIDN’T! Mickey (Ron Eldard) is the most boring character in the film’s entirety but you find yourself rooting for him. My favorite scene with him would be when he asks Lizzy if this “Fred” plays rough. She replies, “Only with me,” and he responds with, “Jesus!” Mickey is Lizzy’s childhood friend who is now a single father. His daughter also becomes friends with Fred. Fred has never been a fan of Mickey and considers him a girl but something tells me he wont be causing Fred any problems. He’s a much more suitable companion for Lizzy and doesn’t mind engaging in spaghetti fights in classy restaurants. It seems that he’s attracted to her bizarre behavior, waving her hands around all over the place, knocking dishes over and blaming it on someone who isn’t there. Mickey cannot get enough of it. The gigantic and frightening nurse that holds Lizzy down and forces her to eat green pills is played by Cheryl Hawker. This was her first role and she played a few bit parts afterwards but hasn’t had much of a career. It may be due to her mannish features and gargantuan, whale-like frame. However, you can see her off and on on My Name Is Earl. We don’t know much about Lizzy’s father except that his name is Nigel and he leaves the two. We never get to see him in Lizzy’s adult hood. Perhaps the neglect of her father plays a major part in her world of imaginary craziness.

DDF isn’t the only imaginary friend out there. There’s a slew of middle aged imaginary friends wearing tutus and weird hats hanging out with all the children in the psychiatrist’s office. Their names are Go to Hell Herman, Velcro Head, and Namby Pamby. Perhaps the films only downfall is the extremely corny ending that’s a dream-like sequence where Lizzy must fight away her enemies and grow up. She has to climb a ridiculous tree over stairs in order to set her inner child free and tell her mother that she’s not afraid of her. This is after she tells Charles to fuck off and deflates his luxurious vehicle.At the end of this madness she must kiss Drop Dead Fred and say his name in order to get rid of him. The film ends on a happy note with Mickey’s daughter playing with DDF and Lizzy being completely understanding of the child’s bond with her new imaginary friend.

There are so many hilarious moments and lines I could quote for hours. Where do I begin?

Snotface, look… INK – let’s write something on the carpet… I know how ’bout “Mother SUCKS”

You just put a piece of broccoli in your mouth and said, “Mm, what a lovely piece of broccoli.”

I wrote the note. Hahahahaha! Haven’t got a husband! Haven’t got a husband! Got a stupid hair cut!

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