20 Reasons Why UHF is Awesome

Of all the films I grew up watching, and there were many, UHF was always one of my favorites. I cannot even count how many times my brother’s and I watched this extremely over the top comedy. For those of you who haven’t seen it, what is wrong with you????? The film is about George, a loser and a day dreamer who cannot seem to keep a job. Out of pure luck, he and his friend Bob get to have control of their own television station. The channel gives everyone hilarious entertainment and it even changes lives. Meanwhile, another station that is use to being number one, is doing everything they can to stop them from succeeding. Below are all the reasons why I think this is an awesome movie. The majority of the photos on this post were taken with my own computer.

1. Their names are George and Bob. To quote Meryl Streep in She Devil, “I think Bob is a beautiful name.”

2. Did I mention that Weird Al has his own television channel?

3. Weird Al turns into Rambo.

4. Weird Al turns into Indiana Jones.

5. The ending montage mocking Gone With the Wind.

6. Victoria Jackson’s voice.

7. Fran Dresher’s voice and choice clothing. What is it with Weird Al and annoying voices?

8. Conan the Librarian. “Don’t you know the Dewey decimal system? He will split you in two for returning your books late. He doesn’t play around.

9. Spatula City. What better way to say I LOVE YOU than a spatula? You have K-Mart and Wal-Mart but does YOUR city have a Spatula City?

10. Ghandi kicks ass in style and orders a medium rare steak. Also, Weird Al plays Ghandi.

11. Michael Richard’s teeth. He may be a racist, but his teeth are fabulous. He is also in love with his mop.

12. The disgusting homeless man that keeps reappearing and saves the day in the end.

13. Flying poodles and badgers…we don’t need no stinking badgers. I also love it when he shakes up the ants, “They get really made when you do this.”

14. Call me Mr. Butterfingers.

15. The Asian guys is the supplies closet that shout “SUPPLIES” instead of “SURPRISE.”

16. The Asian guys own show, Wheel of fish. Ohhhhh the red snapper. You’ll take the box. Lets see what’s in the box. NOTHING. STUPID. YOU’RE SO STUPID!

17. Uncle Harvey has HUGE ears.

18. RJ Fletchers random faces.

19. Gun control is for wimp and commies. Listen, let’s get one thing straight….guns don’t kill people…. I do.

20. The Beverly Hillbillies montage.

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