True Crime

Triston Dobbins 21-Month-Old

Leo Desormeaux was convicted of the December, 2007 death of his son, Triston Dobbins. The 21-month-old boy died while visiting his father and stepmother in Evadale, Texas. A place where several children are left unsupervised in deplorable conditions.  Medical examiners declared Triston died of severe injuries to his head. Leo placed the blame on his wife Crystal Desormeaux, pleading he had nothing to do with his baby boy’s death. A jury acquitted her of capital murder. She isn’t the child’s biological mother. She remains charged with a second degree felony of injury to a child as well as misdemeanor charges of failure to report a felony.


During testimony, jurors heard from Ami Dobbins, the mother of Triston. I am all too familiar with Ami, unfortunately. Dobbins said on the stand that she still believes Crystal killed the child. Desormeaux’s defense attorney, Bruce Smith, asked Dobbins that if she thought Leo killed the baby would she be on the witness stand supporting him? She said no. Dobbins also testified that she believed Leo was a good father, and although she noticed bruises on the young child, she continued to let him go back to Leo. She said that she warned Leo that if the child came home with one more bruise, she would call CPS, but she never did. Child abuse is the most unforgiving crime and allowing it to continue without taking any action is just as horrible.

Even though the child died on the 9th of December in 2007, they didn’t have the decency to report his death to the authorities until the day after. Then there are inconsistencies in their stories. The father claims the child appeared to be alive. He changed his diaper and then the child suddenly dies. He then changes his story on the stand that his son fell in the tub and died as a result of a seizure. Then the stories changed to Crystal beating him in the tub after Leo found out she was cheating on him. Never-mind the fact that this poor baby needs justice. They’re wasting time.


If you take a gander over at Ami Dobbin’s Facebook page you can see photographs of her crying and cuddling her deceased child in his casket. Maybe we all grieve in our own ways but even I couldn’t bring myself to do such a think. Child neglect is the biggest piece in this puzzle.



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