True Crime



We have been looking for information on a woman fitting this little description which isn’t much of a lead. Friends thought it might have been their friend “Roxanne.” (That’s the only name they knew her by.) They said she was a very sweet girl and she was always cautious. Every night she had an escort. This night there was a new customer in the club. She disappeared but her car remained at the club. Thanks to the Beaumont Enterprise librarian, we have discovered it is not Roxanne mentioned above. Jasper County authorities identified the body, found in the Neches River, as Mary Kay Engberg from Lake Charles, Louisiana. The story ran on July 29, 1993.
This confuses me because why would a woman drive all the way to Beaumont every night to dance? It does happen but the Roxanne the club knew and loved didn’t travel. I wonder if it’s the right girl? If any of you have information on this, please let us know.

Another friend told me that one of the girls had children who were also murdered but I haven’t found anything about children being murdered around that time. The woman is claiming that it was a waitress at the Tonga named Jan. She is still alive but her children were murdered. Please help us close this case after all of these years. The current dancers and staff members still believe Roxanne haunts the establishment.

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