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This is a girl I went to school with and exhausted through Physical Education classes with. I still remember she wore this silver lipstick. Some of us who knew her still debate her murder to this day. Some indicate that she stole something and it was drug related but that was never pointed out by the killers. There’s also the assumption that she knew about a murder and was going to testify against her own murderers. Just keep reading and maybe you will agree.

Her body was found a in a canal by two fisherman. James William Hornsby, 20, of the Port Acres area of Port Arthur, and Melisa Frazier, 23, of Groves, were arrested and charged with murder. The third suspect, Kevin Wayne Coffey, 30, was charged with murder Sunday, a day after his arrest by Groves police. In court documents, Hornsby is accused of beating Hardy in the head with the beer mug and Frazier of strangling her with an electrical cord. Coffey is accused of helping to destroy evidence and disposing of the body. Port Arthur police are exploring a possible connection between Hardy’s death and her testimony earlier this year in the trial of David Yeager, who was convicted of manslaughter in the beating death of a Port Acres man over a stolen radio. “I think that has prompted the family to think the murder was in retaliation. But investigators have checked into it and can’t find a relationship between the two events.” “I gave him a look I wanted him to remember,” the grandfather told The Port Arthur News. “I wanted him to know that someone cared about Teri because I knew he didn’t.” So that’s what I think. She was going to testify and they were going to shut her up.

I also think there was some jealousy involved with Frazier. You can read some of the trial testimonies HERE..

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  1. I’d like to get in touch with the person who wrote this article. Teri has her memory memorized at and I would love to have and add a picture of her there. I didn’t know her personally but this case touched me dearly.



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